Since 2006 our team has created events which help raise funds for the families of children battling cancer. On this page you will learn about some of the children that push us to create bigger and better events in order to help more year after year.


Scuderia learned about Max in 2014 thanks to his aun Marie and after learning about his story, a fundraiser was held at the end of the year. Needless to say, the fundraiser was a tremendous success.

Max “Moosie” Westmoreland was diagnosed with Stage 3 liver cancer (Hepatoblastoma) one week before Thanksgiving 2014.  This is the rarest form of liver cancer in children with only 100 reported cases per year in the United States.”

Max’s Facebook Page: Click here


Scuderia has been strongly supporting Bennett Nester since 2014 and will continue to support this great foundation for many years to come.

“As we spent the Christmas holiday in the hospital numerous gifts were brought to cheer him up. One gift in particular, a Build-a-Bear donated by two sisters that had lost a sibling to cancer years before, made us take action. We promised ourselves that if we ever were lucky enough to leave that grey hospital room with our son that we would give back to those families and children that found themselves in the hospital at Christmas, just as we had. Thus, Bennett’s Bears was born.”

Video: Lamborghini Festival and Bennett’s Bears


Hannah and family were introduced to Scuderia by Brandy Nester, Bennett’s mom (Bennett’s Bears) and after learning of Hannah’s story, Scuderia has been focused on making sure that Hannah’s family is able to buy medical items that are not covered by the insurance, items that are critical to Hannah’s recovery.

“Hannah came into foster care at 5 weeks old. She had hydrocephalus and two surgeries to correct that. In July her foster family felt they could no longer care for her and has been in the process of being adopted by another family.

In August the family felt something was wrong. She made visits to the doctor a dozen times,  and finally in October she was diagnosed with astrocytoma of the spinal cord. She’s had 4 surgeries on her spine.

At this point chemo has been stopped to give her body a break. She’s having adverse reactions to it. The Tumor is still growing and doctors aren’t seeing progress from the chemo. They are treating her side effect right now and monitoring the tumor. The family is pursuing a second opinion for further treatment.”


In 2012 and 2013, Scuderia through its Lamborghini Festival event raised funds and donated to Children’s Memorial Hermann Cancer Center. Aside from raising funds, Scuderia planned visits with exotic cars for children under treatment to enjoy and ride in. There is no bigger joy than seeing children smile especially when they’re going through such a hard time and Scuderia will always be there to bring a smile to those who need it most.

Children’s Memorial Hermann Website:  Click here