The Search for the Titans Begins


 What is a Speed Titan? In this day in time where luxury and glamour are rampant, we many times forget to see and learn about one’s story, where one comes from and the obstacles overcome in order to achieve goals. A Titan is an individual with a motivating story, an individual who endured struggle to reach victory.

Speed Titans features these motivating stories,  focusing on what brings us all together, the passion for fast European exotic machines. Live the experience of owning these machines through their eyes as they vividly describe the experience of owning, driving and increasing the performance of these magnificent works of power and design, accompanied by breath-taking photography and video that translate into art.


Our search for the first titan takes us to the heart of Houston, Texas. A city that has gained notoriety for being a “car crazy city”. The automotive culture in Houston, Texas had always been a strong one, but has only gained even more strength with time. Here, we found the story of a Titan who left his country of origin forced by the ever changing political struggles. Here is Alfonso Zaza’s story.


Born in Mérida, Venezuela, a city located at the foot of the Andes, surrounded by captivating scenery and vegetation.  Alfonso’s parents were the main inspiration for him to succeed in life as they themselves battled through hardships. He began working as a waiter in his parent’s restaurant and ran errands very early each morning to the supermarket. His father always wanted a better future for Alfonso and encouraged him to begin a search for one, this motivated him to work hard in order to save enough money and find a career as a Geological Engineer.

In late 2002 Venezuela began facing a never-ending stream of political difficulties originating a national strike. This strike was to protect human rights and freedom. Alfonso bravely joined this strike knowing it would mean giving up everything. The strike led to the unemployment of 22,000 workers from the great company that Alfonso was part of.


I sacrificed everything I had achieved, all the hard work to improve in life had gone to waste and my future was uncertain. But in the end I was proud for standing up for a great cause, for my country, our future and the children’s future.” -Alfonso

After a six-month wait, hope arrived. A foreign company offered Alfonso the opportunity to continue achieving his goals in his field, but it came with a price. His title was taken away, his name and reputation were now damaged due to strict control from the government. He went from a Geologist Engineer to an “office boy”, his office was now his bunker and the title change was due to the fact that the company that offered him this opportunity needed to hide him many times, as the government was out to get him. His name now appeared on a list which contained the names of those who stood up for the country. A list that deprived those people from continuing with their lives.


Despite all the negative events that took place, Alfonso succeeded in life. The new job opportunity allowed him to move to Houston, Texas where he unleashed all the potential that he was holding inside. Through success, hard work and smart decisions came the opportunity to make one of his childhood dreams a reality, a dream that seemed impossible to reach. This dream led us to the opportunity of finding the first titan. On August 31st 2009 at 10:30pm, Alfonso took delivery of his 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

“I was fortunate to have owned a Porsche Boxster S and then a 911 but in the end my Italian blood was seeking for an Italian beast. I started the meticulous search and it took me around 26 months until I finally found my Superleggera.” -Alfonso


Q: What drove you into acquiring this model Lamborghini?

A: It is a real exotic car, very aggressive, angular shaped, louder, and sensual at the same time. I also liked the idea that all Lamborghinis are hand built. By visiting the factory I was impressed at how small this company is, which I liked because they really make every car with passion.

Why a Superleggera? Because I wanted a special edition and I particularly liked the SL because it paid tribute to the first Lamborghini production model, the famous 350GT.  This model is lighter than the base Gallardo and more powerful. They also used a lot of carbon fiber materials in order to reduce the weight.


Q: Tell us about your experience and excitement the first time you laid eyes on your machine?

A: I received the car on August 31st at 10:30pm, I was completely floored when I saw this Italian beast, and the expression on my face, I can assure you was priceless. The feeling when I first pressed the throttle was so unique, like a rocket on the ground, Its hard to explain, its such a unique experience.


Q: What was your experience during the first drive? 

A: Entering in the car felt like entering into a pilot cabin, a lot of lights, controls and gauges   not mentioning the seductive smell of the Alcantara, high quality of the interior materials, carbon fiber all over and attention to small details that makes such a difference. This beast was built with a lot of passion. As soon as I started up the car my heart started racing, I remember smiling in amazement and this smile stayed there forever. As soon as I pressed the accelerator my wife and I felt a sensation that is very hard to describe in words. Every time you drive a Lamborghini is like you feel connected to every single part of the car from head to toe, you become one with the car.



“I was able to prove myself that all dreams are possible. You just need to work very hard, never give up and be very smart with all the decisions you make, live the present but also think about your future and always aim to reach all your goals and fight to overcome all barriers that you will encounter. Because in the end, we ourselves create these barriers.The most rewarding thing for me is when I am able to show children my car and describe to them in detail the features because I see myself reflected in them.” -Alfonso


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