The Dream Catcher. It often happens that many of us end up losing motivation and hope towards what we strongly believe to be our greatest idea, our goal in life, our dream. It takes motivation and drive to never give up, to reach that accomplishment. Here we present you with a motivating story of success about an individual with whom many of us can relate and gain motivation from. Here is the Dream Catcher, the third Titan.


Rodrigo’s story begins in Mexico City, the city where he grew up and where his parents who played a major role in his motivation in life, built their own. Coming from a middle class family in a city where luxuries are, to this day scarce for middle class families. His father being a sales man and his mother a housewife, Rodrigo’s biggest luxury was the warm family ambient that accompanied throughout his early years.


Motivation and the drive to never let go of your dreams is what Rodrigo’s success is based on. His first motivation being his father whom unable to attend a quality education, high school nor college, struggled vastly but reached his goal of providing his children with the best education possible. The value of hard work and savings were crucial as the years passed, the teenage dream of someday owning a red Ferrari and forming a beautiful family was crystalizing with every positive step taken in life.


For us who have a passion for these machines, it starts at a very early age. It was no different for Rodrigo, whose love for automobiles started at a very early age when his grandfather would sit with him next to a hill in their hometown overlooking the main roadways. The roadways allowed Rodrigo’s grandfather to describe cars, trucks as well as buses as they passed by to the young grandson. His father’s passion was no different, owning different model mustangs in the early 70′s and having the opportunity to give Rodrigo his first sports car, a ’68 Mustang during his high school years. At the time however, Rodrigo’s interests were in cars that appealed more to his age, thus driving him to lean towards a Volkswagen Jetta at the time, only to later find true appreciation for these classic cars as the years passed.


“After some years I learned to appreciate what I had, this only strengthened my love for cars. Some of my neighbors ended up giving me their collection of model cars during my teenage years because they knew that cars had become my passion” -Rodrigo


The journey was not always a pleasant one. During the peak of his career, he was forced to make a drastic turn with his life’s direction. Due to the never changing violent climate of the nation home to Rodrigo, he moved to the United States finding a job fit for his career but due to this “new life”, his personal goals and accomplishments seemed to be far fetched. Rather than letting these sudden life changes take away from his dreams, he set out to catch and conquer them against all odds that were present.


Now in time, after seven years from this drastic life transition and after overcoming many obstacles, Rodrigo has created a successful business based on the principles that were taught to him at an early age. Principles that not only apply to personal discipline, but  towards treating those around him with respect as well.

“I personally believe in a balance. A balance that allows you to build a successful business, the one that keeps you focused on your objectives and success of your work but never lets you forget your principles and treating others right. The balance in learning to be noble but not weak.” -Rodrigo


Q: What drove you into this model car?

A: My dream to own one of the world’s best automobiles in design and performance. Everything about the Ferrari 458 Italia is mesmerizing. I’ve owned previous models in the past such as the Ferrari 360 but this one has everything I love in an Italian sports car.


Q: What was your first impression when you laid eyes on your machine for the first time?

A: The design of the car, its lines and everything in general were stunning. Seeing the car being unloaded from the transport was a very unique experience. The car makes me feel alive, it is pure art. 


“The cars I have owned including this 458 have made a very positive impact in my life, not only is it a reminder that hard work and perseverance pays off but it is also a reminder to feel alive. To enjoy life and motivate others. I enjoy showing the car to children and sharing with friends who share the same passion.” -Rodrigo


“My best advice for everyone with goals in life is to do what you love and makes you happy. All the other things will come with time and no pressure.” -Rodrigo

Additional images – Ferrari 458 Italia in Houston




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