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Second Titan

 The Fabricator. This chronicle focuses on a motivating story of success through struggle. A fascinating tale of an individual who made hard decisions at a young age in order to become successful, driven by the personal challenge to do better, be better and never settle for less.  Here is Thomas Fichter’s story, the second Titan.


Thomas’ story begins in 1982, a month into his seventeenth birthday, where driven by personal reasons, he left his step parents side in San Diego California to visit his maternal grandparents in Willis, Texas. Maternal grandparent which he didn’t know.  At the time, all that he knew was of nothing else past the state borders of California and with nothing more than a 1970 model Chevy pickup with four bald tires and the drive to be someone, he made it to Willis, Texas.

 The original plan was to leave California for a month and then return, as the hope of graduating with friends was very much alive. Due to personal reasons that required space from his step parents and adding the fact that he had nowhere else to go, Thomas never went back.


 Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of his situation, he used this very same to motivate him. Through a friendship that is alive and strong to this day, he met very gracious people who took him in. Finding a way to make money to cover bare necessities, he used the skills that he learned as a car stereo installer in SoCal and applied this business model to a few retailers in North Houston installing as an independent agent with a tackle box and the need to eat and put gas in his truck.


 Focused on a strong work ethic and will to succeed, the tackle box turned into car audio retail stores, multiple national audio championships and three world records over the course of ten years. Thomas went on to build ASC (short for Audio Sound Concepts) retail car audio stores into a nationally recognized company in the car audio industry, his achievements didn’t stop there. The cover of USA Today, articles in Car and Driver as well as Time Magazine are amongst some of the magazines who have recognized him for his work in the industry.


“Being from SoCal, I always had a love for big 4×4 trucks. I have made a living for 25 years by combining my passions for car audio and off-road trucks combined with my creative spirit and talent and turned it into a business. I have run into many road blocks, taken my lumps over the years in business but with a head strong attitude and a “never give up” work ethic I make it work out in the end.” -Thomas Fichter

Thanks to his success and the experience gained from the many ups and downs that he lived throughout the course of his career, Thomas went on to build N-Fab, the industry leader in design and fabrication of off-road accessories. The never ending need to continually take what he’s doing and take it to the next level is what has kept the desire to be the best and set personal goals very high.


This same mentality is applied to the acquisition of his machines, Thomas went from a BMW 645i to a Mercedes-Benz CLS55 to then continue moving up to a Lamborghini Gallardo and most recently the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and Porsche Panamera, all over a six-year span. This drive to always be better and unique motivates him to personalize his machines for them to stand out from the rest. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia sports a lowered suspension gracefully accompanied by HRE 790R wheels and a Fabspeed exhaust system which creates a unique and distinctive roar that can only be produced by Ferrari’s V8 powerhouse.


“My business mentality is that I can always do better and be better. Its the same with my acquisition of vehicles, something within my financial grasp and progression in monetary value over time. I make a change as I can afford to upgrade without taking away from my core business growth.” -Thomas Fichter


Nothing worth having in life comes easy and Thomas is a prime example that shows us that with dedication, perseverance and hard work you can make your dreams in life come true. These machines represents for the Titans a worthy reward in life, a reward which reminds them of the struggles they have gone through to achieve greatness and to always remember where they come from. To motivate others just as they do themselves.


Q: What drove you into this model car?
A: I previously owned a Lamborghini Gallardo but was not a Superleggera. I saw all the carbon fiber in one and wanted to upgrade to this model Gallardo, the issue was that I never really fit physically in the Lamborghini. After talking to another owner and enthusiast he suggested that I try the Ferrari 458 Italia as it would fit me better he said. I went on a search to test drive and ended up running into a 430 Scuderia, the lines, upgrades and feel were striking. The rest is history.

Q: What was your first impression when you laid eyes on your machine for the first time?

A: The dealer had a personal transport which was used to deliver cars in, so the first time I saw the car it was stuffed inside the trailer.  Once it was shoehorned out, I was amazed at the lines of the car compared to the Gallardo. More to my personal style and liking, especially all the carbon fiber throughout. A beautiful car with a paint finish like I have never seen before. 


Q: Tell us about your customizations in these machines.

A: I have bought all these cars sight unseen, never driving or even sitting in one before I pay for it. That’s part of the excitement of getting it home and discovering the car. I don’t read reviews or people’s forum opinions, I try to make a savvy financial purchase and buy on the feeling that is a want and work hard for these rewards in life. The thrill of picking out a tire and wheel package, exhaust, making it my individual version of the car. Its an exotic sickness that I’m sure I share with others.

Upgrades: Ferrari 430 Scuderia – HRE 790R wheels, Fabspeed exhaust, lowered suspension. Porsche Panamera – HRE P40 wheels, Fabspeed exhaust, lowered suspension.


“I feel very blessed in this world and the affirmations that owning an exotic car kind of tells a story on its own. Some people don’t get it but custom trucks and cars has been a way of life for me since a teen. It keeps me motivated and makes me feel good about the hard work and sacrifice to build a business in today’s economic world. These cars inspire me in the development of products I build today.” -Thomas Fichter


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Additional Images – Ferrari 430 Scuderia | HRE Wheels | Fabspeed Exhaust



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