There is No Substitute

Words: Titan | Visuals: Dennis Nguyen and Tony Gonzalez

Images captured with a Sony A7S Mirrorless Camera

To many, the birth of a new generation of supercars using hybrid technology is still is not accepted, these doubts however, are rapidly being put to rest by the staggering performance that machines such as the Porsche 918 have demonstrated. Porsche’s latest creation further reinforces the truth that we very well know behind its slogan, “There is no substitute.”



It only takes one look at the Porsche 918 Spyder to realize that it is something truly special. Much like its predecessor, the Carrera GT, the 918 Spyder is captivating in every way. Its simply beautiful, to an extent that any thought of it being a violent machine once its 887 horsepower are awakened does not even cross your mind.


Our first encounter with the 918 Spyder was at the Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama well over a year and a half ago, when at the time it was in its test mule form. 991 Carrera tail lights were still being used in the test mules and the cockpit was filled with computers to log its performance figures. No final horsepower numbers were available but after feelings its performance during the track test we realized that the birth of the hybrid supercar was indeed the future.


Fast-forward one year to our second encounter with the 918 Spyder at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas. Now in its final form during a viewing of the private testing where all those who attended were left speechless. After the track tests concluded we ventured into two mysterious pits where behind the closed doors, two Porsche 918s rested.

We were lucky to have spent a long time admiring every detail from the final version of the production model, as well as learning little known details that make this car so special. The passion for this brand runs deep amongst engineers and designers and this was highly noticeable in their excitement as they talked about the car and expressed what seeing this car in its final form meant to them.

Porsche 918 Spyder Production Version at COTA




This particular example of the 918 being featured (the first in Texas if we may add), sports the Weissach package, an expensive yet worthy option for owners who dare venture into taking the 918 Spyder to an even more extreme level in the looks and weight saving department. The name Weissach is an homage to the German town of Weissach, where Porsche conducts its research and development.

With this option, Porsche claims 0 to 60 times faster than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and the McLaren P1, and who are we to argue with Porsche’s claims. The other supercar makers sure have not done so.


Porsche has been fearless when it comes to showing to the world what its supercar is capable of, it has broken the Nürburgring record, vastly improved its performance figures from initial concept to completion and has taken upon every challenge presented, something that Ferrari and McLaren have yet to do. Although the slogan “There is no substitute” has adorned the bottom of Porsche’s insignia for only some years, it has held true to the brand since its creation over eighty years ago.


Will every auto enthusiast across the world ever get used to seeing supercars plugged into walls? that we don’t know. What we do know is that as we have witnessed the Porsche 918 Spyder go from a test mule to completion we have become believers, believers in the future of cars in general and supercars too. Believers in the fact that the passion has not been lost and that the art of the supercar is very much alive and is here to stay and that makes us happy.


Our next Speed Titan feature will be launched very soon, the owner of this fantastic supercar, a Speed Titan himself, has asked to remain anonymous but we will feature more of his astonishing collection in the coming months.

Will we feature the Porsche 918 Spyder rivals? You bet. It appears that a McLaren P1 has accepted the challenge…stay tuned.

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